Our "thing"

What you're seeing here is more or less a response to most of the spirits websites scattered across the internet. Some have doubled down on the pomp and circumstance of distilled booze to the point that they come across as silly and pretentious. But on the other extreme, some that attempt a "working class" approach to articles and reviews lack any kind of narrative or backbone.

Spirit Animal is basically the efforts of one writer and one web designer to bring you a resource that's fun and informed. Something that's helpful without being condescending. Something that's fun to browse without being exhausting to read. (All goals easier said than done.)

As a result, we're a bit of a chimera. We like whiskies a whole bunch, but then there are good gins, rums, and tequilas. And yet there's a lot to talk about in terms of cocktails and bar culture. There's a lot about spirit production that goes on behind the scenes that you might like to know about. Our legs are always kicking to bring you something you'll find compelling.

But above all, there are a lot of great products that are worthy of your time and interest. Scroll down to get rolling!